What to expect when you visit our church

Sunday Adult Bible Class is at 8:45, followed by

Sunday Worship at 10am

Welcome to Faith Lutheran

Missouri Synod

  • As you enter

    When you choose to visit Faith Lutheran for our Sunday 10:00 Worship Service, you will be greeted at the door by one of our elders and invited to fill out a visitor card at the welcome table.  The narthex is a busy place before church as most are coming from the 8:45 Adult Bible Class and use this time to greet their friends and, most especially, visitors.  Expect friendly faces and warm handshakes.  There is a coat room on the left as you leave the welcome  area and restrooms are located to the left and right before you enter the sanctuary.

    As you enter the sanctuary from one of the three entrances, you will be given a Worship folder with the service for the day.  This will aid in following along.  We do, however, use the Lutheran Service Book for the hymns which are noted in your Worship folder and also on the hymnal boards to the left and right of the altar.

    There is a handicap area in the back of the church on the right side for those who have physical difficulties.  Feel free to use this area if needed.

  • We love to sing

    The Pastor typically starts with announcements and introductions of the visitors.  No need to stand but a quick wave of your hand will help the members know where you are seated.  Most likely one or more will seek you out afterwards if they, too, come from the same area.

    “Make a joyful noise unto the Lord” is quite evident in our service so expect plenty of singing as we believe it is a vital form of praise and an essential part of our worship of God.  Don’t be too quick to close the Lutheran Service Book as we usually sing all of the verses. 

    Our music is accompanied by the pipe organ, voice choir and/or bell choir.  Sometimes we have guest soloists who play various instruments.

  • The Lord's Supper

    As Lutheran Christians we believe that those attending the Lord’s Table are affirming that Christ is their personal Savior and that in the bread and wine we receive Christ’s true body and blood for the forgiveness of sins and the strengthening of their faith.   If you believe likewise, we invite you to participate in receiving communion when you visit.

    Communion is offered the second and fourth Sundays plus on special occasions.   The cups in the center of the wine server are grape juice for those who prefer non-alcoholic.

    Communion is served first to those seated in the handicap area and then for the rest in attendance.  Just follow the usher’s directions as she/he will tell you when it is time to stand and get into the line for communion at the rail.  We do kneel at the railing to receive communion but if you are unable to kneel, do not hesitate to remain standing.

  • Come again, soon

    After the Worship service, everyone engages in conversation as they head for the narthex.  Most join the line and patiently wait to shake hands with the Pastor.  The lineup is a great time to converse with and get to know the church members.

    We hope you enjoyed your visit to our church.  Come as often as you wish and when you decide to join, simply contact Pastor Bob or Faith’s Pastoral Office to discuss membership at Faith Lutheran.