What is Sociable Six?

It is a meal (breakfast, lunch or dinner) for six Faith members which takes place over a four-month session, either in alternating member’s homes or at a restaurant of choice. The purpose is to get to know one another better. After four months, everyone is moved to a new group for the next session.  If you opt for eating at a restaurant, everyone pays for their own meal.


How are the Sociable Six groups formed?

We attempt to group individuals who haven’t socialized in a previous Sociable Six group, trying to keep the group to six people.  Groups may be comprised of all couples, two couples and two singles, one couple and four singles, etc.  We will accommodate everyone that signs up so your group might be eight…or five.


Who is in charge of each group? 

The first couple (or single) assigned to the group will contact the other members to set up the first meal or event. .


If I select meals in homes, who cooks the meals? 

The host will arrange for the main dish (grilling, cooking, or catering) and the other participants will bring coordinating sides or dessert after talking to the host to determine what would go best with her entrée.


Do I need to plan an activity before or after the meal?

This is entirely up to the host/hostess. Some of our groups have played games after their meal where others have just socialized. Some have had a picnic meal while attending an outdoor concert, or played miniature golf. You can be as casual or creative as you would like.


We don’t drink so what about serving alcohol?

No need to worry since everyone brings their own alcohol.  You just need to provide glasses.


I’m single so how does that work?  

You can team up with another single or go solo. You can still pick whether to dine at a restaurant or in home.


What happens after our last gathering? 
Hopefully, you will have had a rewarding experience and will join us for another round of Sociable Six.  There is no need to fill out another registration form if you are an active member in the program.  Watch for an email to participants or announcement in the Faith bulletin concerning the next session sign-up deadline. 


Sounds like fun! Can I sign up anytime during the year?  
Yes! Group formations are ongoing and assignments are made before a new session begins. Watch the bulletin and/or newsletter for sign-up deadlines.


How do I sign up?
Complete an enrollment form that can be found in the Sociable Six mailbox in the narthex. Then return it to Shirley Smestad"s mailbox. Be certain to include your address, phone number and email address.    

Finally, remember the emphasis is on fun and fellowship, so you don't have to be a gourmet cook to participate.  Keep it simple and casual.  A group of six should be able to get to know each other fairly well over three meals.


rev. 8/23